• We are accepting FIFTEEN trucks this year!

  • Fees:

    • $150 being refundable IF all terms of Vendor Agreement are complied with

    • $50 for retail and artisan vendors

  • Specific terms will be detailed out more fully in the Vendor Agreement Form that will be provided if selected for the festival.


  • A festival specific menu consisting of 3 entree and 2 side dish options

  • A special sample menu item for all Sample, Judge & VIP ticket holders

  • Attend a vendor and staff meeting in mid-October

  • Hold a pre-scheduled Tasting Session of your festival menu and sample item for the vendor committee

  • Tasting Session will also be used to capture photos and video for festival marketing


In addition to bragging rights - this year's Grand Champion will receive a $1000 cash prize!

FREE access to Food Truck 101 Bootcamp Seminars

  • A four part seminar running September-October, taught by a local food expert and entrepreneur.

  • The classes will focus on building your business; from having a successful and smooth festival day to general maintenance and marketing for a continuous thriving operation.

  • The seminars are FREE to attend (and HIGHLY recommended) if you’re selected for the festival, and $25 per session to attend if you are not selected.


  • Participation in Soul Food Truck Fest also means support leading up to, and continuing after, the day of the festival.

  • We specialize in marketing, branding, and event planning for entrepreneurs in the black community. We seek to aid you in growing your business to strengthen and empower you for the community long term.